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This was hands down the best massage I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot. If you like Chinese massage work, you will love this. My therapist knew the exact spots that needed work – even some that were so subtle or specific. The massage felt ridiculously good. It was Chinese massage but it wasn’t painful. And I don’t even mind when it hurts but this didn’t even hurt. It just felt amazing. I wish I lived here so I could go back. $50 for an hour…unreal.

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  1. I miss this place so much now that I moved my office. The more massages I get at other places, the more I miss this place. If you live or work nearby, take advantage. I may have to drive across town to indulge once in a while.

  2. Fantastic massage. I feel like jello now. The pretty lady was skilled and made quick work of the knotted muscles along my spine. This was my first massage and will be returning for more!

  3. Love this place. Massages are great and ambiance is very comfortable. The Pricing is very reasonable. Give them a try. I go back often.

  4. I had a 30 minute massage and it was amazing! She worked on all my problem areas and I walked out feeling great. I will definitely be back.

  5. Excellent Massage ! Nice environment with lemongrass smell. The 60 mins massage really ease my tired back. My therapist was young and friendly. She just know which part need to be massage more and can feel that even Finally found a good place to relax. Definitely come back again !

  6. A little slice of heaven!
    Amazing gem of a zen place in the heart of Beach Road Instant relaxation mode upon entering the spa. My 60 min treatment was relaxing and rejuvenating. Professional, clean, and did I mention, relaxing!?

  7. Excellent place for a massage to rejuvenate oneself. 60 mins of treatment was relaxing and rejuvenating. Professional, clean, and relaxing.

  8. High quality massage. Very talented. Worth every penny. A great place tucked away on the second floor.

    They were able to take me and my 3 friends all at once in separate rooms. Fantastic!

  9. The atmosphere is very pleasant and the service is good. The therapist seemed to be able to figure out the parts of my body which needed more work and gave additional focus to that.

    The price is very reasonable for the service and the facilities are clean and welcoming.

  10. Let me begin by saying how good their masseuse is. They are well trained and know what they are doing. They will be as gentle as you want and can go as hard and strong as you want. I go there every two weeks. I just love their work.

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